Social Media Marketing
EPNProductions has expertise in marketing businesses, events and projects; BIG and SMALL, on Social Media!
Utilising Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; we have helped businesses get their message out there and boost sales, improve leads, bring sign ups to events and programs, and more!
Social Media and Print Templates
Basketball NSW and FIBA World Cup 2022
Templates for Social Media and Print
Online Facebook Video Advertising
Sleek Boutique - Seasonal Video Ads
Working with Sleek Boutique with their web build and branding identity, I developed short videos that were published as Facebook Ads and uploaded to their Facebook page, which saw thousands of locals combined and boosted their seasonal sales on previous seasons.
Graphic Design Content
LinkedIn is Platinum Technology's primary communication platform. To communicate their difference, they developed lead magnets that were distributed using LinkedIn ads, and also shared to their posts.
Basketball NSW "Off Season Content"
*not utilised*
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