Note: Campaign is fictional.
​​​​​​​In teams of 4, we undertook an Objective Based Learning Workshop which guided each team of the class to determine an insight and research around the topic of blood donation. My group, named comically Something With Blood, decided to develop the idea of “How might we encourage eligible citizens to donate blood” (our given problem) into “How might we raise awareness about blood donation eligibility to encourage people to donate blood?” We identified that understanding eligibility, simply people knowing if they were eligible to donate blood, was the key issue.

"Mockup of Snapchat Filter and Bus Stop"

To combat our found solution, we developed the idea to create a Geotag Snapchat filter, a location based filter in Snapchat which would be active when near Red Cross Blood Service centres, blood donation trucks, and these special bus stops all over Australia, which depicted our campaigns way of communication, a hashtag: #ican. This campaign creates an interactive opportunity for all to contribute to a healthy cause, the Red Cross Blood Service set up an Instagram @redcrossau which people could send their selfies and smiles using #ican in order to be featured in their weekly ‘Heroes of the Week!’ gallery.
The interactive bus stop is a similarly interactive model where smart phone users could plug their phone into the supplied charger and fill in an online quiz to find out if they are eligible. This outdoor transit advertisement would contain various bus stops being set up with Solar Panel Chargers for the public to use, as depicted in this prototype.
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