I have worked with Bankstown Basketball Association as a graphic designer for over 3 years now, creating a variety of projects for their basketball programs. 
Below are some examples of my work:
2020 Waratah Season
Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, EPNProductions partnered with the Bruins to develop marketing strategies and utilise social media more succesfully.
The aim: to bring larger crowds and better engagement with the Bankstown Bruins Waratah League teams.
Advertising Board

In 2019, Bankstown Basketball placed an advertising board close to the entrance of the stadium.

This electronic board shows advertisements to 000s of locals, and was the perfect medium to create dynamic ads which let the local players know when games are on.

To match the simple animationss from the other advertisements being displayed, I animated images of players from each team using a paralax effect.
This engaging animation, partnered with the easy to digest information, allowed for a succesful idea.
Posters: Themed Nights
A big push for bringing in larger crowds was the idea to create themed occassions. Many different ideas arose, and the three chosen were then planned to be communicated with printed posters and social media posts.

Notice: The Middle Poster only has filler text as Covid-19 got in the way of plans

Live Stream Assets
To update Bankstown's professionality, they aimed to livestream a select number of games over social media. With this, I created intro and outro assets that would play prior to, during half time, and at the end of these games.
Below is an example.
Score Updates
Within discussions with Bankstown, we identified that many members of the community weren't aware of how teams were going, especially regarding scores. 
I created a template which allowed for the scoreline of each team to be uploaded at half and full time. 
Graphic Design Projects
Logo Re-Design
During 2019, I created a new design for the Bankstown Basketball Association. Although not approved, it was still a very fun experience.
Charity Bushfire Day 
During the beginning of 2020, devastating bushfires tackled Australia.
To support those affected by the fires, Bankstown Basketball opened up and donating all proceeds to the Australian Red Cross.
I designed social media posts to raise awareness.
Active Kids Poster
At the conclusion of 2019, Bankstown realised there was a lack of awareness surrounding the NSW Active Kids vouchers. 
Below are an outdoor poster and social posts surrounding the Active Kids Vouchers:
Notice Board Design
In 2018, I was in charge of transforming an old, unused noticeboard to an informative poster demonstrating the progressive programs that Bankstown run to develop their players.
This meant developing a cohesive and linear progression through each column, with more than just text conveying to the "typical basketballer" how advanced each level of training or playing is; the lowest showing a young child shooting at a small hoop and the last demonstrating teamwork on the grandest court in the stadium.
Girls Only Class Poster
With the turn of 2018, I began working with my local basketball association, Bankstown Basketball, in order to update their social media pages to expand their reach for their representative program. This involved creating a sticker for an unused bulletin board that demonstrated the progressive programs that the Bankstown Bruins run to develop their players.
Twitter Banner
I designed a simple twitter banner for the Bruins:
Bruins Twitter​​​​​​​
Bruins Around the World - Weekly Newsletter
One of the first jobs I did for Bankstown Basketball Association was to design player profiles and a logo for the weekly newsletter, "Bruins Around the World". 

An unused logo for the Around the World Program

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