Hi there, welcome to my portfolio!
I'm Eli Newman, a graphic designer and marketer from Bankstown, NSW! 
Within the last 6 years, I've worked professionally as a graphic designer and marketer for a big variety of clients!

In that time, I completed my Bachelor of Advertising and Media (2019) with a 4.2/5 GPA, expanded my marketing agency EPNProductions, interned and worked casually at digital agencies Milestone Creative Australia and Invisible Ink.
I spend most of my free time refereeing basketball, playing video games, and really enjoy film, developing projects and creating! 
I often find new ways to customise my media, from changing textures in video games I play to making music I can vibe to whilst working.

I am looking to secure a full-time position in the advertising and graphic design field to further develop my creative insight and skills.

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